a10530dc.jpgBenruary 9th 6:20am JST
Position:S42°18, E178°23
Boat Speed:7kt
Wind Direction:5°
Wind Speed:11kt
Sails:main and jib
Crew:all fine

Although we were ready for sailing with motor, we did not have to. The wave
got bigger and the wind started to blow in the evening, We sailed with
17-22kt wind. We got spray too, not bad as we had on the way from Sydney to
Wellington though. The good thing was that the current pushed us at 2kt.
Eastery shifted to Nothery in the early evening.

A lot of dolphines came to play with us for 20 minutes. We have seen
dolphines several times since we left Japan, but it was the first time they
stayed with us this long and they came this close to us.

I thought crew might not have appetite as the wave was a littl rought, but
we all eat well and the rice coocker is doing its job!

Since we left Wellington before it past 72hours after I put the boyfriend
and girlfriend in water, we could not see them grow completely. But I'm
gonna put them again in water when I get to Tahiti. I'm not sure if this
product allow us to stop once and restart again though.

As the moon came late last night, the stars were so beautiful.