ddcbbeef.jpgMarch 15th 6:00am JST

Position:N17°01, W155°44
Boat Speed:9.5kt
Wind Direction:78°
Wind Speed:11.5kt
Sails:jib and main
Crew: all fine
Distance to Alawai:281nm

We hoisted the main sail in the afternoon yesterday. Ken & Furukawa aimed to
run 30nm in their 1 watch (4hours) before hoisting the main, they now set
the goal at 40nm. We sailed with 15kt ENE at 9-10kt last night, and the wind
decreased to 12kt in the morning but we still run at 8-9kt.

Team Bengal always have had stories related birds when we deliver the boats.
Two stories were added this time. One bird tried to stop on the top spreader
last night. He tried many times, and touched the spreader but never suceeded
to stop. We all enjoyed seeing it. Then he gave up and changed his goal to
the mast top. Now we could not just watch and enjoy it. We didn't want him
to break either the wond or Windex. The battle between Ken and the bird
started. We turned off the auto pilot and Ken drove the boat. The battle
lasted for several minutes and the bird gave up and flew away. We won.

Another story, it occured the leg from Wellington to Tahiti. In the morning
after we heard something hit something in the night, we found brown stain on
the jib and foredeck. We realized that a bird hit maybe the spreader and
lost his life.....We have to thank him as he may be a sacrifice for us and
we have been sailing without any big problems from Tahiti to Hawaii now.