3e159486.jpgMarch 16th 6:00am JST

Position:N19°40, W156°13
Boat Speed:7.5kt
Wind Direction:155°
Wind Speed:9.3kt
Sails:main with the motor
Crew: all fine
Distance to Alawai:132nm

We should have been able to see Hawaii Island last evening, but since it was
cloudy, we could not see anything. Then the island showed up in front of us
this morning.
The wind decreased and shifted to the back. It sometimes went down to 2-3kt.
Now it is around 9kt. We turned on the engine last night and are running
with the main sail only.
Although we selected the course along the islands as we heard there will be
unclock current off the coast of Hawaii Islands, the current does not work
good to us yet. We will soon meet NW, our destination, which is rare around
Hawaii and it will increase up to 20kt tomorrow. I hope we can arrive before
the wind gets strong, tomorrow morning!

You know, when the condition is good and we have nothing to do, meals are
the most important event. Snacks as well. Since we have a lot of snacks, we
divided them into two, for the first half and the latter half. We put all
the snacks that were brought from Japan in the latter half. When we found
that we would not reach to the latter half we started to search them as
Japanese snacks will lose their value when we get to Hawaii because we can
find most of the Japanese products in Hawaii. Ken searched Japanese snacks
in the narrow back of the cabin, with a head light on and with sweating.
When he found them, everyone includling those who were off watch rushed to
the snacks and they're gone in a half day. Japanese snacks can move 7 mature

We had dark clouds which brought heavy rain this morning. Now it's gone, and
it is cloudy and cool.