24d67f51.jpgJune 16th 5:30am JST

Position:N34°57, W124°39
Boat Speed:6.5kt
Wind Direction:310°
Wind Speed:14kt

We pulled the main down before it got dark yesterday as the wind went up so
strong. Although the boat was rolling so bad as we only sailed with the jib,
we were able to keep 8-10kt boat speed. Now the wind decreased a bit. I gues
we're hoisting the main up again.

As the boat heels and rolls so bad, it is hard to have soup for meals,
however, I always try to cook it as it makes us warm. While some people put
a rice bowl and a soup cup on the floor by turn, I hold a soup cup between
my legs and have a bowl in my hand. It's the easiest way for me.

Morimori got chillblains. I have had one every winter since I was a kid
(even recent years), but I haven't got one this time yet and I don't think I
will under this condition.....still too warm for chillblains.